Pottery Workshop


The Pottery on 5th

Woman Painting Pottery

The challenge...

The Pottery on 5th grew quickly overnight. With customers placing orders non stop, the servers finally crashed and there was no one there to take the calls.

They had bigger problems around the corner. To add to the nightmare, The Bean was hacked by an online pirate who stole all of their client data and financials. With foreclosure almost certain, The Bean was about to be roasted!

How we helped...

Our sales and telemarketing solutions were offered using Omni-channel support that included: ​

  • Direct Sales 

  • Customer Acquisition 

  • Customer Cross Sell and Upsell 

  • Lead and Appointment Generation 

  • Fundraising 

  • Market research 

  • Credit/Product Activation ​

Clay Design

Success! The happily ever after...

Now Pottery on 5th is stronger, faster and ready to take on any challenge that comes its way. In fact, they are now able to save more money by partnering with Gatestone.


Over the past 3 months, they have opened 7 new franchises across the country and are now looking at moving into the USA. Because of Gatestone Global reach, we are working to help them expand across the boarder. 

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